Thursday, 28 April 2011

Charity Wishlists Prepared

The wishlists for each charity have now been prepared. You can fulfil a wish from as little as £10. Please contact us for more information or to donate, for contact details please see our website

Monday, 18 April 2011

April 2011

The truck is ready to come home, Chris has passed his HGV license and Pete still to do his. Saturday 16th April we saw the launch of the trip, Hoek to Hooke and fund raising beginning in earnest for the charities to be supported along the route. For more information see
In order to check out the truck systems are working, Sarah, Chris and children spent their first night in the vehicle. Sleeping may be an issue!

First Fund Raiser and Donations April 16th 2011
A grand total of £ 181.70 was raised from the bar. Florence and Thomas's sweet stall £10.58 and donations to date £215. Thank you to everyone.

January 2011

Sarah began investigating the problems of acquiring visas. Ethiopa will now only issue visas for 3 months from the country of origin! Not very helpful when we don’t anticipate being in Ethiopia for 4 months after our departure from the UK. However they have said that they may allow us a visa for 6 months if we apply in July and have evidence that we will be over landing! Watch this space for more information. Sudan is the other country which we have a problem with. They only issue visas for 2 months and have advised us to buy a visa here before we leave and hope that we will then be able to get an extension in Addis Ababa. Again we will let you know.
After Sudan our route is dependent upon the political situation in the Middle East.

November 2010

Having decided over another bottle of wine that using an army truck was the way forward we set about locating a garage to modify our mode of transport. The truck was acquired and rebuilding began.
Lots of discussion later, we decided that we would start in the South and drive North. This enabled Mandy to start ordering and reading the guide books and then plot our route. The start date to be early August 2011.

October 2010

Whilst having sun downers one evening in Franschhoek and looking at photographs of a recent trip to Botswana, the idea of driving up through Africa evolved. It’s a trip we have all longed to do for a very long time and whilst drinking our way through a few bottles of wine it was decided that now was as good a time as any to do it. Back in England the first thing was to sort the feasibility of Chris and Sarah taking time out of running the family business. Once this was established planning began in earnest.
Members of the team will be Mandy and Pete (Grandparents), Sarah and Chris (Parents) and Thomas, Florence, Nia and Tilly, aged 8, 6, 4 and 1 (Children).
Given that we have all been involved in education we wanted to do something as we drove. Hence we came to the decision that we would raise money for children’s charities along the way.