Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Change of route
What with the political situation in Northern Africa and the fact that the Alexandria to Venice ferry does not run in winter it was decided at the last minute to change direction and go North to South. Bad move! We cancelled shipping the truck to SA and started replanning the trip only to find that the Venice to Alexandria ferry had stopped running the week before due to problems in Syria. We eventually found a RORO service from Salerno in Southern Italy (with Grimaldi lines if anyone is interested) to Alexandria but even that does not have a definite date as it is “maintenance time” in August. We will get there somehow.
All goes well on the charities front, £2887 has been raised so far and lots of fundraising is still going on. Thanks to everyone in helping so far. We will still be visiting all the charities but in reverse order.
The Landrover and trailer are now in a container in Cape Town docks waiting to sail to Tilbury on Saturday so at least something is moving. Picture shows landy and trailer in Franschhoek with sign on mountain to prove it!