Thursday, 1 December 2011

Back to the real world?

It was very sad to end the journey so suddenly but the others needed to get a move on and it was just too depressing to sit around not continuing so 2 days later we took a flight to South Africa.
What a shock - no one carrying large guns, everywhere clean and organised. A week later we are just about acclimatised to a non travelling way of life again but we do have the prospect of a further few months next year when we return to Uganda to collect the vehicle.
At least it will give us the opportunity to return to some of the organisations we visited now.
Peter and Mandy

Parting of the Ways

A couple of days without driving gave us time to reflect on what next. Very reluctantly we decided that not all of us could continue. Mandy had suffered quite badly from altitude problems whilst in the Ugandan Highlands. Going on into Ethiopia would exacerbate the problem. We had been only 60 hours at about 2400m and going into Ethiopia would mean coping with even higher altitudes for a much longer period. Decided a heart attack or whatever was just not worth it. Imagine the consequences. The film where grandmother dies and spends the rest of the journey across the states in a chair on top of the car came to mind!

After much agonising we decided to part. Sarah and Chris and the children to continue north and we would leave the truck in Uganda and fly to Franschhoek for a couple of weeks then home to UK for Christmas. We would then return next year to rescue said vehicle, turn around and drive south.