Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Can it get any worse!!!

Still in Rundu, why? We were robbed, worst thing we lost was Mandy and I,s passports from the locked truck along with camera, phone etc.
The bright side is that within a couple of hours we had got a police report, contacted a marvellous lady in the British High Commision in Windhoek, filled in faxed temporary passport forms, bought postal orders from the post office and couriered the whole lot to Bernice in the High Commisiion. Not bad for a small rural town on the Angolan border. Thank goodness 'formula courier services' were so helpful as there is no printer connected to the Internet in town and they allowed the high commission to fax the relevant forms to their office.
We are now waiting for our temporary passports to be couriered overnight. Unfortunately this isn't the end of our problems as we now have an 8 page passport to traverse 12 countries and no Ethiopian visa which can only be saught in the UK! Watch this space for further progress!
We are still looking on the bright side and are ever hopeful we will be able to sort this latest drama and even better have at least one day without any dramas.
Our camp site is on the egde of the river less than 100 m from Angola. Wilst Chris pretends he is catching fish, the rest of us watch the Angolans playing and washing in the river, collecting water etc. Tomorrow we will collect our temporary passports and get as close to the Zambian border as possible. Forgot to mention we saw our first croc of the trip today, apparently these crocodiles are human friendly!

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  1. Wow. This is a real problem solving trip!!!!! would love to see the human friendly crocs. Are you able to put up photo's?