Monday, 29 August 2011

Interesting facts about Rundu

Having been resident in Rundu now for over a week we are all starting to feel like locals! We are very much part of the local community being haled in the street by other locals and catching up on weekend activities! Sadly though this has been an enforced stay again brought about by mechanical issues arising whilst trying to leave for the Zambian border on Wednesday morning! We travelled 50km from Rundu when the truck just stopped on the main highway necessitating a pull by the Landrover to get off the road so that Pete and I could yet again jack up the cab and endeavour to get the truck started! Yet again it was an issue with the fuel supply and so after bleeding the system the truck started and we headed back to town again to find a Garage suggested by the ever helpful Rudi. The garage were very accommodating and set to immediately remaking metric fuel lines from our existing imperial ones! What wonderful engineering braising the brass fittings onto new ones! After a test drive though the problem did not seem to be fixed and Pete and I arranged to return the next day to get it sorted!

We have now moved to a new camp site Kwasi Camp pleased that we have progressed a huge distance of 10 km since Sunday! Thursday saw Pete and I resident in the garage from 7:30 until 18:30 with continual testing and repairs. Eventually it was concluded that it was the fuel injectors or maybe the injector pump! Problem was that it was a long weekend Friday being a Bank holiday so we had to wait until Monday morning to take the truck back to the garage for them to take out the parts to send to Windhoek to be checked! So a week after arrival with a punctured tyre we now have to wait for the parts to be sent down today and hopefully brought back on Wednesday and hopefully put back in before the weekend! A lot of hopefuls I know but we have little option but to get the truck fixed!

Since we were effectively stranded it seemed logical for Pete and Mandy to fly back to Windhoek to try and sort out their passports. Luckily there was a flight on Friday afternoon and so they have spent the time shopping to replace some of the stolen items before going to the High Commission first thing Monday morning! Great plan but of course today is a Bank holiday in the UK so the High Commission is closed! Just another frustration leaving a busy day tomorrow before hopefully catching an early flight back to Rundu with the tested truck parts on Wednesday! Yet again HOPEFULLY!

In the meantime the McConnells have tried to make the best of it travelling to Poppa Falls over the weekend where the kids had great fun swimming in the river with the hippos and crocs! I on the other hand successfully hooked and battled a Tiger fish in front of an audience of 20 German tourists only for it to leap a metre out of the water and spit the hooks out at me! Much to my extreme disappointment! I will land one eventually!

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