Sunday, 21 August 2011

More problems

Having spent a small fortune on a new tyre we set off north from Windhoek getting to a campsite in Okahanja 70k away. Next day we were heading for Grootfontein but we got an oil leak on the truck. We then found Rudi in Otjiawrongo who spent an hour fixing the leaks and refused to take any payment and was insistent we took his mobile number in case we needed any further help on our travels, another incredibly kind and generous person we have met on our travels. We then found a delightful campsite for the night about 20 k away. Next day we set off again ever hopeful that we would have a trouble free day, but no after about 200k we had a puncture in our new expensive tyre. After getting rescued again we were told that we had paid about twice as much for the tyre as we should have and that they should have installed a new inner tube. We then set off again to Roys Camp where we had been the previous year and had a pleasant night.
Setting off again ever hopeful of a pleasant day we did the usual 200k and had another puncture in the same wheel. The tyre is now in another repair shop and tomorrow morning we will go and get the verdict. My (Pete) impression of Namibian tyre men is getting a bit tarnished. Howevr writing this listening to the Angolans across the Kunene river celebrating a football match is at least peaceful.
We have now made it to Rundu and the weather is much warmer - hot days and cool nights, and at least we no longer have any frost in the mornings! The children are surviving well, doing their school work on the move and have found various ways of entertaining themselves on the side of main roads whilst waiting for vehicles to be fixed, poor baby Anabal (the doll) is the latest victim to be winched onto the roof of the land rover by her neck!
Chris continues to hunt for nasty beasts,the scorpion being the latest! He says he hooked a tiger fish today but then promptly lost it!
Hopefully we will make it close to the Zambian border by tomorrow evening, tyres permitting!

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